Winter Art Gallery

Silent Auction Info

  • Starting bid depends on the size of the artwork and the quality. Ex: a larger size artwork may start between $10-$15, while the smaller ones are about $5-$8.

  • Frameless artwork are sold “as-is”. Depending on size and type, some artworks that are in a frame may be purchased as a whole at a certain dollar amount.

  • Only bids in whole dollars will be accepted.

  • You are not required to bid on an artwork, but I encourage parents and family members to bid on ALL of your child’s artwork to boost our young artist’s confidence and show that we support their creative minds.

  • Checks or Cash only.

More Details

50% of the proceeds will be donated to a local non-profit called Art4Healing ( in Laguna Hills and the other 50% goes back to our young artists!