Available Classes & Pricing

  • Registration Fee: $50 (new students)

  • Material Fee: $25 (start of each course)

  • 1-on-1: Lessons are one on one for the first part of the hour, then students overlap after project instructions.

1-hour: $140/month

1.5-hour: $170/month*

2-hour: $200/month

  • Classroom setting: Minimum 2-4 students and max 10 students.

1-hour: $100 a month

*Call/Email us to inquire about promotions and schedule availability.

We only use quality supplies!


Mini Creators

Fun and engaging! This class is perfect for the emerging youngest artists in our lives. Their weekly projects help jumpstart their journey through finding their creative individuality.

Age Suggestion: 2-4yo

Details: Monthly; 1-hr classroom setting (email for scheduling)

Artastic Adventures I

Teaching the primary fundamentals of art theory, simple key techniques mastered, while admiring pop culture.

Age Suggestion: 4yo+

Details: 20+ weeks; 1 or 2 hour class, 1-on-1.

artastic adventures II

In-depth focus on intermediate techniques, art theory, and art appreciation (classics and modern).

Age Suggestion: 6yo+

Duration: 20+ weeks; 1hr, 1.5hr*, or 2 hour class, 1-on-1. 

artastic adventures advance

Young artist's will create large scale and miniature scale artwork to practice and showcase what they've learned in I & II.

Age Suggestions: 10+

Duration: 20+ weeks; 1.5* or 2 hour class, 1-on-1

portfolio building

This class is for young artist's who are interested in creating/deepening their own art portfolio.

Age Suggestion: 10+

Details: 12+weeks; 1 hour class, 1-on-1. 

medium focus

Enhancing student's medium of choice. Acrylic, watercolor, pastel, color pencils, markers etc.

Age Suggestion: 8+

Duration: 16+weeks; 1 hour classroom setting.


Coming soon! Study of photography, learn the basics of picture manipulation, and improve photo taking skills.

Age Suggestion: 13+

Duration: 8-weeks; 1 hour classroom setting.

Comic Series

Study the art of comic books and artists get to build their own comic series.

Age Suggestion: 10+

Duration: 8-weeks; 1 hour classroom setting.

2019 Comic Book Camp (Summer only)

Click HERE to register!

Come join us for a week long class to create, discuss, and read (yes, read) comics!

Age Suggestion: 7+

Duration: 5-days (M-F)