Available Classes & Pricing

  • Registration Fee: $50 (new students)

  • Material Fee: $25 (start of each course)

  • 1-on-1: Lessons are one on one for the first part of the hour.

1-hour: $140/month

1.5-hour: $160/month*

2-hour: $200/month

  • Classroom setting: Minimum 4 students and max 10 students. For 1-on-1's, students overlap after instructions.

1-hour: $100 a month

*Call/Email us to inquire about promotions and schedule availability.

We only use quality supplies!


Artastic Adventures I

Teaching the primary fundamentals of art theory, simple key techniques mastered, while admiring pop culture.

Age Suggestion: All Ages

Details: 20-weeks; 1 or 2 hour class, 1-on-1.

artastic adventures II

In-depth focus on intermediate techniques, art theory, and art appreciation (classics and modern).

Age Suggestion: All Ages

Duration: 20-weeks; 1hr, 1.5hr*, or 2 hour class, 1-on-1. 

artastic adventures advance

Young artist's will create large scale and miniature scale artwork to practice and showcase what they've learned in I & II.

Age Suggestions: 10+

Duration: 20-weeks; 1.5* or 2 hour class, 1-on-1

portfolio building

This class is for young artist's who are interested in creating/deepening their own art portfolio.

Age Suggestion: 10+

Details: 12+weeks; 1 hour class, 1-on-1. 

medium focus

Enhancing student's medium of choice. Acrylic, watercolor, pastel, color pencils, markers etc.

Age Suggestion: 8+

Duration: 16+weeks; 1 hour classroom setting.


Coming soon! Study of photography, learn the basics of picture manipulation, and improve photo taking skills.

Age Suggestion: 13+

Duration: 8-weeks; 1 hour classroom setting.

Comic Series

Study the art of comic books and artists get to build their own comic series.

Age Suggestion: 10+

Duration: 8-weeks; 1 hour classroom setting.

2019 Comic Book Camp (Summer only)

More info coming  April 2019!

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